4 Steps For Perfect Face Contouring For Beginners!!

The perfect contouring look is something that everyone wants to achieve. You must have gone through several tutorials for how to do perfect contouring like kylie Jenner but practicing one can be really tricky.

If you are a beginner in makeup practices, this guide can come in handy for you sure where we will explain contouring practices. Let us look into contouring the face in 4 steps perfectly for beginners.

Contouring in four steps for beginners!


Before you get started with contour, it is important to set your base with a perfect foundation and applied translucent powder for a better impact. You can be choosy regarding the contour whichever you find the most comfortable with. It is great to select the color for your contour according to your warm tone and shade of your skin tone. However, make sure you choose the color that is more neutral and of the cool side.

When applying the contour brush, apply color into your temples by moving the contour brush more in circular and sweeping motions to get the natural look.

Pick the right highlighter

Choose for a highlighter that is presented with the same undertone or one or two shades lighter than your foundation to attain the perfect glow. Ensure that you have a precise contour brush more and add highlighter on the center of your forehead, top of cheekbones, and last for the jawline. If you have contoured the top, make sure you highlight that part as well.

Apply bronzer

Regardless of the carved out facial features, it is necessary for you to choose a bronzer for it. To have a subtle summertime look, sweep a shimmery shade alongside your temples and below down cheekbones. To make the look even more evident, dust a little bronzer on the tip of the nose where mostly sun hits to complete the look.

contour makeup

Finish with blush

Last but not least, the step for applying contour makeup is blush giving your major face dimensions. For a stunning flush, you can grab a pink, orange blush whichever works best for your skin. It will allow you to make cheeks look flush with a fluffy brush and again put it over your cheekbones towards the temple. Basically, your cheeks would more evident of highlighter, blush, and contour.

In summary, we can conclude the practicing the perfect contour practice is simple, and with regular practice, you can surely attain a perfect makeup look. You can surely be considerate regarding the details mentioned above.

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